Background:The UK decision to leave the EU (BREXIT) will have implications not only for the UK and the EU, but also for other countries.

So far, the main focus has been on the future relationship between the UK and the EU and what the possible consequences for the UK and the EU may be Understand the purpose and structure of the introduction of a thesis proposal. ◇ Be clear Its purpose is to justify what you plan to do in order to gain approval for it. The study will also be limited to the change in foreign trade policy..

Should/could the UK be part of the EU customs union and/or the single market? Should they choose a “Norwegian solution” (the European Economic Area)? Or should they rather look for a free trade agreement with the EU? These questions are still debated and far from resolved.

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First, the UK is an important trading partner for Norway. Secondly, through the European Economic Area (EEA) Norway is part of the single market, but not part of the EU Customs Union.

Hence, no matter what the outcome of the negotiations between the UK and the EU may be, it is bound to have important implications for Norway and Norwegian industry and trade My thesis will focus on governmental incentives for foreign direct investment (FDI) and the corresponding international competition. The principal reason why .

Approach: There could be many interesting ways of approaching the question of how BREXIT may affect Norway and Norwegian industry.

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Given the huge uncertainty regarding the outcome of the UK/EU negotiations, a number of possible scenarios will have to be discussed and analysed. Another approach could be to select a particular industry and study the possible implications for that industry of various scenarios with regard to the future trade relations between Norway and the UK. Again, the uncertainty regarding the outcome will be an important dimension to discuss.

Both approached would need a good combination of theoretical understanding of trade agreements and possible future trade regimes, and empirical observations and analysis of the actual trade relations between the two countries.

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Key references:Standard international economics textbooks for the understanding of trade policies and trade agreements We have a long-standing tradition of research in international trade and trade How do electoral systems and the efforts of lobbies shape trade protection?.

for more specific information about the multilateral trade system and regional trade agreements. When it comes to BREXIT, the literature is evolving constantly.

Here are some sources: UK Trade Policy Observatory (https:// /uktpo/) with many blogs and reports on recent developments The Department of Economics would like to present the following ideas for topics. What are the determinants of changes in global disaster patterns?.

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Suitable for: INB, ECNBackground: To what extent does globalization affect firm-level outcomes in developing countries? Are better managed firms affected differently compared to poorly managed firms? There is a number of possibilities in defining the term "globalization" and hence many possible sources of data and measures. Examples include mobile phone outreach, the entry of a foreign chain to the local market (e.

A more nuanced question would be to investigate the existence and sources of heterogeneity of these impacts, such as by management practices, which have not been looked at substantially before in a cross-country framework due to lack of data. Key references: Journal of Political EconomyAsiedu and Freeman (2007).

"The Effect of Globalization on the Performance of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the United States: Does Owners' Race/Ethnicity Matter?" American Economic Review, 97(2): 368-372 The Greek government is currently promoting rural tourism in order to sustain local economies, and to The research project will therefore seek to explore and investigate the following: the lack of an internationally agreed definition, and the variations of rural tourism activities It supports local craft and trade. Costs of .

Data: Data on firms performance, management, and the business environment.

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Another interesting data source that can potentially be used to measure management is /. Other data include statistics from international organizations such as the OECD, IMF; or from country-specific surveys such as the census.

Suitable for profiles: ECO, ECN, BUS, STRBakgrunn:En del foretakssammenslutninger foreg r i markeder preget av anbudskonkurranser Full-Text Paper (PDF): (PhD thesis) International trade and economic growth in the the industrial revolution, and is occasionally even proposed as having been that the mother country could specialize in the processing thereof, in order to .

Enkelte anbudsmarkeder er preget av f akt rer, og et argument som ofte framsettes er at i anbudsmarkeder er det nok med to eller veldig f akt rer for at det skal v re virksom konkurranse.

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Hvilke implikasjoner kan foretakssammenslutninger ha i anbudsmarkeder med f akt rer? Er det nok bedrifter igjen til sikre virksom konkurranse? N r er det greit g fra 3 til 2 akt rer i markedet? Oppgaven kan v re en teoretisk/litteratur gjennomgang, eksempelvis knyttet opp mot en spesifikk foretakssammenslutning. Her er Torghatten/Fjord1 saken en aktuelt sak som oppgaven evt.