The Journal of PhysiologyThe Journal of Physiology publishes research that significantly advances our knowledge of physiology and increases our understanding of how the body functions in health, and disease.

Published since 1878, this prestigious journal has published papers from over 40 Nobel laureates Scientific Reports is an online multidisciplinary, open access journal from the publishers of Nature..

The Journal of Physiology welcomes research papers in all areas of physiology that present new physiological principles or mechanisms.

Papers are welcomed on work at the molecular level, the level of the cell membrane, single cells, tissues or organs and on systems physiology. The Journal of Physiology’s Editor-in-Chief is Kim E.

Barrett, University of California, San Diego, USA and the 2016 Impact Factor is 4. Sign up for the quarterly The Journal of Physiology newsletter here. For authorsFor readersArticles are free to all readers after 12 months.

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