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2k answer viewsFirstly, you have to decide a journal that you are planning to submit your paper to 14 Jan 2015 - Inside Higher ED has some general advice on how to organize your writing projects. I'll not even try to compete with these advice pages, I just want to add some things I've learned, some of which are specific to theoretical physics. If you are a student, it is highly unlikely that you will write your first paper .

Most of the journals have their own formatting guidelines and specifications to follow. If you are looking for reputed journals in physics, American Physical Society is one major publisher in the area. All major publishers such as Elsevier, Wiley, Taylor and Francis, Scientific Research Publishing etc have physics journal you can submit to. Once you decide the journal, you can visit the publisher website to get style guide, that will detail all the rules that needs to be followed before submitting your paper.

These sites will also provide you a sample template in MS Word format. If you want to save time in formatting your paper, you can try Typeset.

You can write your content, choose the journal you are planning to submit and your content will automatically be generated to the journal format according to guidelines specified.